Look I'm a sucker for a good beat and some smooth vocals and Minneapolis producer Su Na delivers just that in his chilled-out Surface EPset for a June 3rd release. 

So far he's given us a taste with two new releases. First up was Essex, a smooth, stylish, synthy number that'll keep you cool on any summer day. Short and sweet, Essex also infuses some unexpected soul into its quieter moments. Su Na is an artist who understands that silence is just as important as sound and he demonstrates this throughout the EP. 

The second single off the EP, Complexion, was just released via The FADER last week and is a real compelling, slow burn gem that showcases Su Na's ear for collaboration with talented vocalists. The song features vox by 17 year old Dizzy Fae. Take a listen, her voice will make you feel real bad about your old, talent-less ass. Su Na creates the perfect landscape for her crooning, airy vocals to dance across. 

The rest of the EP includes more laid back, synthy vibes and some solid collaborations. Su Na's Surface EP boasts some tight jams that are still airy and breathable enough for even the hottest days. June 3rd is really the perfect release date cuz this puppy will last you all summer long. Check out his other work here.