On May 4th through the 6th, there was a groundbreaking music festival in Cuba, a musical signal of the beginning of the end of the "cultural embargo" between Cuba and the US. 

From the festival website:

Manana (Ma’na’na) is a word that is deeply rooted in Cuban music. Put simply, it is the flow of an artist and the spiritual connection that opens between them and their audience... With the end of the US embargo in sight, these are incredibly exciting but fragile times in Cuba’s history. Our goal is to provide Cubans with the necessary tools and technical knowledge to reconnect with the wider world on their own terms, whilst also giving the Electronic Music Community the opportunity to learn from Cuban Masters who have spent a lifetime refining their artistic skill.

I put "cultural embargo" in scare quotes because despite politicians' best efforts, Cuba's cultural influence radiates far beyond the confines of the island itself (and no, I'm not talking about Pit Bull) - so Manana the music festival was a long time coming. For three days in the capital of Santiago de Cuba, international artists, vendors, performers, and sponsors came together to celebrate the musical heritage of the island and all of its modern iterations.

For those of us fools who missed the memo and didn't make it to the island quick enough, there's also a podcast featuring many of the prominent artists who performed at Manana. Check a few of them below and keep your fingers crossed that Manana will be back again in 2017.