Hailing from our distant cousin Detroit, Daniel Wilson is an up and coming powerhouse vocalist turned songwriter. Wilson's recent release Boy Who Cried Thunder is a short and sweet narrative that takes you on a journey from the club to your knees and back. The brief opening track, Killed Ya, is an intense, dreamy work held together by lo-fi bass synth sounds, delayed electric guitars, and driving percussion - which all come together to create a perfectly unified bed of sound for Wilson to lay his powerful yet incredibly agile vocals upon. Perhaps the most suitable track for your fall commute is Heartbreaker, which lets Wilson put his gospel influences on display. Heartbreaker is hands down the grooviest track on the EP, governed by its nostalgic qualities, vast orchestration, and Wilson's yet again effortless vocal performance.

     Finding itself in the middle of the EP, the title track, Boy Who Cried Thunder, is a shift from the lighter hearted mood of its predecessors. Wilson establishes the song's motif in the first verse, which goes on to unfold in both breadth and dynamic until we are left in a cacophony of BGV's, Wilson's wailing vocals and a wash of cymbals. If You Went Away showcases Wilson's versatility as a performer, switching gears just after the climax of the album. The last track and my favorite track on the album, Proofread, is a dance-y outro that re-introduces the lo-fi synths and ambient guitars in order to complement Wilson's falsetto within the chorus. While we eagerly wait for the man to head out on his next tour, he's made his EP available on Soundcloud and iTunes. Check it out below and then pick up that bad boy.