Our friends in Bora York have been earning glowing reviews for their recently released full length album, Secret Youth.  You have just under a month to save up some cash by skipping a couple Quad Half Caff Iced Venti Caramel Lattes for the purchase of a ticket to their release party at Varsity Theater, Aug 21st.  Oh wait, skip them today 'cause they are going fast at only $8 a pop.  And if you've been scoring your latte's at $tarbuck$, just go ahead and skip that place indefinitely!

Our very own Mr. Taylor Lewin had the distinct pleasure of contributing his million dolla skillz to this wonderful album; engineering, mixing, and producin'.  He's like, super tight with Bora York 'n like, whatever. 

Did we mention Humans Win!  is an official sponsor of their release show?  We are going to sponsor the f#@! out of this show!!!!!!!