Oh hey you what are you doing tonight?

I'm sorry I didn't hear you over how hard Treading North is rocking my socks off right now as I listen in preparation for their show at the 7th Street Entry tonight.

In case you've been lost in the woods for the past year or two, Treading North has been movin' on up in the local music scene lately, they even got an illustrious honorable mention in our demo contest last year. They play shows that'll burst your eardrums with funky fresh beats and they know how to get down and dirty with their bad selves.

The 7-piece self described dream funk band will be playing tonight with Pseudoubt to kick off their Midwest tour. Yes, that's right you non-Minnesotans, Treading North might be titillating brainwaves in a city near you soon. Front man Gabe Roderick gave us the dirty deets:

"Our drummer has pneumonia, we don't have enough cars, and the ones we do have can't pull a trailer. It's gonna be one hell of an adventure. I'd say see ya later, but we may not survive."

For our part we desperately hope they do because if there's no follow up to their recently released EP Canopy then what's the point of treading anywhere in this universe.

If you're in Minneapolis check them out tonight, music starts at 8:30.