Meg Mac has the kind of sound that makes you tell your driving companions to shut the hell up so you can hear the magnificent music coming from your radio.

"That voice!" you exclaim,

"That groove!"

And you're right.

The girl's got it.

But where did this girl come from?

Well, Australia. Melbourne to be specific.

But also, more to the point: Meg Mac comes from relative obscurity. Her wikipedia page is five sentences long. Her first single ("Known Better") came out in 2013, her 5-song EP (MEGMAC) in September of last year. And that's it.

All of a sudden this girl is playing SXSW to rave reviews and touring with Clean Bandit and infiltrating your radio waves with her hip-shakin music.

Oh and now she's on tour with D'Angelo.

Some people spend their entire careers in music trying to make it as big as Meg Mac has with just five songs and a bucket load of luck and talent, spirit and grit. But she's here and it's as if she's been doing this for decades.

Sing it, girl.