In case you haven't heard, our 2015 demo contest produced many illustrious winners and honorable mentions, many of which are making crazy awesome music all over the Minneapolis scene. We caught up with John Chuck & The Class at their show last weekend at the 7th Street Entry. We are very sneaky here at Humans Win! and we like to keep our sneaky eyes on our contest winners to make sure they keep on being winners.

I'm happy to report John Chuck & The Class are still winners.

Despite a solid lineup of other great bands like Goodnight Gorillas and Social Arcadia, JC & the C rounded up the biggest crowd on Saturday night and delivered the tightest performance. John Chuck never disappoints with his fast moving, hyperactive energy, laying down rhymes effortlessly  with the help of always witty producer "The Class" (aka Henry Donato) on keys and synth.

If you haven't seen them live yet, keep your pretty little eyes peeled for upcoming performances. I hope you're waiting with bated breath to hear the work they're doing with Humans Win! cuz it's sure to rock your socks right out the door.