This summer cannot come fast enough. For any of us. Thankfully, Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner (of The National) knew just what we Midwesterners needed to recover I really even need to talk about the W word? So he put together an ass kicking, boundary pushing music festival with his friends. Because he could. 

Set the scene. It's July 17th. You get in your car, drive an hour and half east, and pull up to a farm (here to be exact), just outside of Eau Claire, WI. This festival was created with more than just music in mind. Eaux Claires! places an emphasis on artistic collaboration across its lineup and is aiming to redefine audience to artist interaction. Three stages will house bands you've loved since you were driving your Mom's mini van, bands you've never heard of, and maybe a band you don't really get. But the experience will be nothing like any other live performance you've ever attended. 

The lineup includes, but is not limited to: Francis & The Lights, Indigo Girls, Lizzo, Phox, Haley BonarPoliça, S. CareySpoon, Bon Iver, Syvlan Esso, The National, The Tallest Man on Earth, and Sufjan Stevens

Justin described that, "We at Eaux Claires have been driven by the idea that our festival would encourage music-genre-walls to melt away. That the barriers between the stage and the audience altered, and expression and experience put above all. We have put so much thought into who should collaborate at this festival, from musicians to actors, filmmakers to visual artists. We will all share and revel in this collision of artistic force while performing in the arms of our own Chippewa River Valley." 

And we think it's all pretty cool. So, get your tickets here and share some pics to #HumansWin while you're there!