UK-based, genre defying The Go! Team just dropped their fourth studio album, The Scene Between, last month and it is full of some serious jams, y'all. 

Since the 2004 release of their debut full length, The Go! Team has gained a large following for their wide smattering of influences and energetic, eclectic sound. From indie pop to old school hip hop to classic Bollywood, the group somehow brings together barely tangential sounds to create music that is cohesive, unexpected, and dancey as hell.

By far their pop-iest album to date, The Scene Between has garnered the band a lot of positive attention. The make-up of the band has changed over the years, this time with Ian Parton, who originally conceptualized The Go! Team back in 2004, taking the creative helm. He recruited a veritable smorgasbord of awesome musicians to collaborate along the way. (JD Samson of Le Tigre and MEN did a fascinating write-up on the album and its collaborators over at TheTalkhouse). Humans Win! even got in on the action and recorded Casey Sowa of Strange Relations on vocals for "Waking the Jetstream."

Like I said, serious jams. The perfect album to kick off your summer.