This year's demo contest brought us new faces, fresh talent, and competitive sounds. It was anything but easy to choose our favorites. Meet one of our top winners, John Chuck & The Class. Made up of Minnesota grown JC "John Chuck" Stroebel and Henry "The Class" Donato, they've been creating contemporary hip-hop since they were wee tots in the tub together. You can quote us on that. 

"Growing up, we never really played video games. Instead, we would sit in one of our parents basements writing little sketch comedies and skits in efforts to entertain our families...I guess we were just always trying to create something." said JC of how they got their start.

"We've been from NSYNC through Macklemore together. Started hip hopping with a bad 5 piece group in high school til' we graduated in 2012, then as a duo ever since. We are indie rockers at heart that never take ourselves too seriously, trying to melt old school and new school hip hop together." adds The Class Henry Donato, "But we're pumped to work with Humans Win!. We can now get the best quality sound that's still true to ourselves. Also, I've been putting animals in 2nd place my whole life, so it just feels right."

We can't wait to get these dudes in the studio to get their hard-hitting tracks ready for your enormously large ears.