Last night, French-Cuban duo Lisa-Kainde and Naomi Diaz, also known as Ibeyi, graced the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis with a rousing sold out performance of the rhythm-infused music that has gained them an enthusiastic following here in the States as well as throughout Europe.

The word "ibeyi" means "twin" in Yoruba, a Nigerian language that was transferred to Cuba during the slave trade. It is a cultural heritage that the duo, who are twins themselves, has infused into their music. Now they are on a multi-national tour to share their music as well as the culture from which they derive their inspiration.

However Ibeyi don't allow themselves to be shut into a cultural box, a danger many "world music" falls into that often bars artists from reaching anything more than a niche market. Their fusion of traditional Cuban and Yoruban percussion instruments with drum pads, loop machines and powerful harmonies keeps the sound modern and new. The ladies are charming on stage, weaving stories from their culture into tight stage production and crowd rousing performances. They have a couple more shows in the US before heading out on the European leg of their tour for the summer.