As a good friend once said to me, "Is this Simon & Garfunking?" While he may look and sound remarkably so, Tobias Jesso Jr.  is putting a modern spin on the 70s songwriter. After many a failed attempt playing in the background, Jesso started working on his own music. Before he could even get his debut album, Goon, out, he was booked on The Tonight Showthanks to the magical beast that is Adele's twitter account.

HAIM member, Danielle, is featured on drums in the track Without You and friends Patrick Carney of The Black Keys and JR White of Girls helped produce the album. If you're not familiar, then get familiar, cause it's just about that time. Tracks Hollywood, Without You, and How Could You Babe are especially heart squeezing.

And check out this newly released music video for Without You which stars (for once in our lives) an older woman with a much younger man. All the high fives to his bad Canadian self.

 Try it out if you like Father John Misty or Agnes Obel