A vibrant, pulsating cross between Janelle Monae and Nina Simone, Laura Mvula is the soul and energy you've been missing in your life. The British singer/songwriter has seen success in her home country via the release of her first studio album Sing to the Moon as well as its subsequent orchestral re-release, a bold move for such a newly emerging talent, but one that earned her some serious musical street cred. 

"Green Garden" is cheeky and fun, combining heavily autotuned harmonies and gospel-like clapping to create an entirely unique sound some are calling "gospeldelia". The track "She" off Mvula's EP is more quiet and introspective, a stream of consciousness tale about a girl who just doesn't stop (an auto-biography?). The singer's growth from her EP to her studio album is evident in the music videos as well as the strength and uniqueness of the production. She appears and sounds much more self assured and confident, as she should be. 

Laura Mvula just has a few shows scheduled for the summer throughout Europe but we hope she'll be stateside very soon.