We sincerely hope that everyone who submitted enjoyed writing and recording their demos.  It means the world to us that so many wonderful humans took the time to participate in this ridiculous contest.  This year we had just over 120 submissions. 

Here's the deal, we know that judges often vote based on their personal tastes, so we hosted 40 judges to average things out!  We all had a blast listening, critiquing, drinking beer and ripping our hair out trying to narrow it down to our top picks. #randombaldspots 

We have some bad news, however.  The ballots were used as napkins during the judging party and a disgusting amount of pizza grease has rendered them unreadable.  The good news is that it was Horse Meat pizza and was mad delicious.  #tasteslikehorse

Ok, ok, just playin'.  We can totally read the ballots.  So without further ado, the winners of this year's Humans Win! Demo Contest are:

10% off project certificate

Andrew Foreman

Aston Lowe



Grand Courriers

Jesse Mattila


Michael Shynes


music video directed by Joe McMahon



$800 (16hrs) towards the completion of an album or $500 (10hrs) towards the completion of an EP

John Chuck & The Class

The Prams

Thanks again to every awesome human who submitted a song to this contest! We will be in touch with the winners shortly and will be posting honorable mentions here on our brand new HUMANS WIN! MUSIC BLOG.  Visit often for helpful/unhelpful music reviews, studio updates, behind the scenes pictures, social commentary, global verdicts, and lots of other offensive things. 





#staydelicious #keepmakingart