Since the beginning of time, humans understood that they would need certain sounds to accompany each of the specific situations that life would present them. Sounds that help us cry to sounds that help us jive. From sound-sculpting and -appropriating's primitive forms (like beating rhythms with sticks on rocks) to it's now-evolved forms (song- and album-writing) humans have strived to create sounds that will resonate with the situation. With the turn of the season, we turn again to our archive of artists in the cloud and select the sounds that will best aid us in our experience of the shift from green to orange and red trees, pools to bonfires, biking to bowling. 

    It's time to introduce Charlie Van Stee to your personal archives. On Van Stee's most recent work, a solo album entitled Slo Mo Jazz Hands, you've got tracks like Penguins that bring the vibe and seem perfectly suited (no pun intended) for cranking out homework or picking up some kind of hands-on art hobby like pottery or painting. Or, alternatively, you've got tracks like Slo Mo Jazz Hands that leave you entirely defenseless to the groove of the tune. All I can say is, you have two options with that track. You can try to contain yourself and end up just looking like an idiot dancing in your seat at Nighthawks at 11:30 p.m. (may or may not have been me first time hearing it), or you can get up and jive with it. 

    Over at HW! we've been digging the album since it dropped two months ago. Right now, we're working with Van Stee in the studio, helpin' cook up their next full band album (which is looking mighty tasty, let us tell you). So as you start pulling out your windbreakers and wool attire, grab Slo Mo Jazz Hands off Soundcloud and keep your ears peeled for the upcoming release.