I've been out of my mind / I've been dreaming things and scheming things / I've been f***ing around while you were saving the world / From nothing

Whoever said you had to choose between killer lyrics and a killer electro-sound? Robert DeLong's days studying drums at University paid off. Big time. This track is reminiscent of St. Lucia or a more drum-pad based The Black Keys. The carefully selected arrangement choices are just enough to get your attention but not overly analyzed enough to remind you of what's on pop radio right now.  Sure, classic trap snare fills are nothing original, but with a nice 16th note swing, the track lands in a pocket that feels fresh. 

DeLong's performance is captivating and wired with fun toys as you can see here in this live performance of his single from the new EP, Long Way Down. It's like, duh, this guy is cool.  The face paint is a little gimmicky, but at least it doesn't come too close to appropriations of Native or African traditions like some other white performers are guilty of.