Tips For Communicating Like a Superior Human!

1) Do not let your first question be "What are your rates?" You can visit our Rates page for that. Instead, EMAIL us a demo or two, a short synopsis of what you hope to accomplish, and links to relevant sites. Our goal is to ensure that everything that leaves our studio is more incredible than you could have imagined. First, we must determine whether or not we are best suited to help you achieve ultimate happiness. If so, then we will custom design a workflow with your budget in mind.

2) Leave a very detailed voicemail! We often times cannot answer your call because a recording session is in progress. We love you and will return your call as soon as possible. Please speak slowly and enunciate! Consider EMAILING us.

3) Booking time should always take place via EMAIL or via BOOK TIME.  List your ideal days and times first, then alternatives. Plan on booking out in advance anywhere from 1 week to 3 months. PLEASE NOTE, we are not a barber shop and do not take walk-ins!

4) Sorry, we no longer offer internships, apprenticeships or entry-level work opportunities.

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