We've got the tools to please both the ardent gearhead and the sensitive, creative type who can't be bothered with model numbers and such trifles.

We operate with two Apollo interfaces and Pro Tools 12 on a Mac Pro loaded with music software like Ableton Live (along with the Ableton Push 2), Logic X, Reason 7, Melodyne, Antares AutoTune, Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate, Maschine, and a plethora of amazing plug-ins. Seriously, don't even get us started on plug-ins. Our Toft ATB16 analog console, designed by the founder of Trident, was one of the first sold in Minnesota. It sounds warm and meaty, and the EQ will make all Trident 80 series lovers melt. For more colors, we fill out the preamp palette with gear from:

Summit |  API |  Gyraf |  Pultec


We like to have plenty of EQ and Compression options so we often use stuff like

Urei 546 EQ |  API 550b |  Kush Audio Clariphonic |  Emperical Labs Distressors |  Smart Research C2 |  Purple Audio MC77 |  Summit DCL-200 |  DBX models 160, 160x, 166


People often drool over our outboard reverb.  It's the only unit Tony Bennett will use on his million dollar mothball voice.  Behold the Bricasti M7


We like our Dangerous 2bus for mixdown and you will too.  This baby has a boring purpose, but makes mixes much more exciting.


Plug in to our Furman HDS-6 Headphone System or listen to the mix through our Genelec 8240A's, Mackie HR824, Yamaha NS-10m, or Alesis Prolinear 720 Monitors.  Checking our mixes on Senheiser HD650's or Shitty Little Realistic desk cubes is also a regular practice.


Many crack-eye-sleepless-nights of acoustic research and trusty consultations helped us design our rooms. Versatile enough to accommodate any arrangement, we've tracked up to 10 musicians simultaneously. 

And then there were microphones...

Neumann U87 |  Neumann TLM49 |  Neumann KM184's |  AKG 414 XLS's |  AKG C1000 | Cascade Fathead Ribbons |  Rode NT5's | Sennheiser 421's |  B3 Studio Pair |  AKG D112's |  Audix D6 |  ElectroVoice N/D308B's |  N/D868 |  RE-20 |  Shure SM7 | Shure SM91 |  Shure Beta 58A |  Shure Beta 57A |  Shure SM57's | SM58's

As well as Realistic vintage condenser, old school Principal's announcement mic, boundary mics, contact mics, electronic triggers and more. 

Unlock sonic possibilities with our keyboards! 

Prophet 12 | Deagan Vibraphone|  '73 Fender Rhodes  |  Kawai K3 |  Roland X3 |  Korg DW-8000  |  Roland JP-8000  |  Korg|  Microkorg  |  Minimoog

as well as circuit bent keyboards, Speak & Spells, and too many soft synths to mention.  Ok, we'll mention a few favorites.

Serum | Sylenth | Arturia bundle | Omnisphere 2 | Juno bundle | Massive |  Reaktor | FM8 | Absynth | Cyclop | Predator | Kontakt

At Humans Win! we cater to the adventurous drummer. We've amassed an eclectic drum collection from all over the world:

Samba drums from Brazil
Bhangra Dhols and Tavil drums from India
xylophones from West Africa
bells and singing bowls from Tibet
milk jugs, saws, and sheet metal from some guy's garage.


We also stock full kits from

Ludwig |  DW |  Gretsch |  Tama |  Risen Drums

We have a variety of Ludwig, Risen, Pork Pie, Pearl, and Yamaha snares. On our percussion shelves, you'll find any random shaker and bone guiro you could desire.

We can't forget our Yamaha marching snarevintage clown faced bass drumTimba congasMeinl bongos, and other randoms.

As for cymbals, we have a huge variety suitable for any application, including a healthy selection from 

Paiste |  Dream |  Zildjian

A few other toys worth mentioning: 

QSC K12 PA | Mackie SRM450 PA | NI Maschine | Roland SP808 sampler | Roland SPD-S | Boss DR202 | Akai MPC2000 | Roland TR-505 | Roland V-Drums | Boss Dr. Sample SP303 Sunhouse Sensory Percussion
plenty of stomp boxes and guitar effects
Holton F-valve tenor trombone
and a gong.